About Zownir Locations Ltd – photographic locations agency

I started the business 15 years ago as a I needed a good excuse to leave my corporate career behind…..and I’ve never looked back!

We have grown from very small  – just putting on shoots in our London Studio 9  – to a fair bit bigger – representing 18 different locations across London – and back to small again – just looking after our own Dorset property…..and this is how we like it. As a location owner as well as an agent I have a very good idea of what works for clients, photographers and the rest of the crew, as well as knowing how to present the space well….. and of course a big pot of fresh coffee and some oven- warm croissants make for a good start to the day …

Sadly we sold Studio 9 in March 2014 after 20 wonderful shoot-filled years. But we now have a lovely photogenic location house in Dorset to offer  with lots of variety in room styles. Most people book us for stills photography but we can also accommodate filming jobs – anything from TV adverts for a shopping centre to “how- to’s” for cosmetics companies have come our way in the recent past…

So please do get in touch to find out more – I look forward to hearing from you

Maggie Zownir
07767 422529